Wasted Time Wasted No Longer

Time wasted
Hiding out
Everyday in fear

All alone
With reasons

Not exactly clear
All the things
I hold dear 

Taken away
Wishing for
The joys
Of yesterday
What's going
On here 
Of things that once
Were so clear
I seem to now
Be not quite sure
Looking all around me

For any trace
Of sanity
And never really

Finding any
Have to pull myself

Out of this funk
While I still
Give a fuck
Enough not to

Give up
Always being
Tripped up
By shit
So fucked up

I don't even
Know where to begin
But beaten down
I now refuse
To ever be again
I am smart
I am strong
I am worth it
And it's about
Damn time

I acted like it 

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