My Life Not Yours

Time wasted 

Sitting alone
Locked in a memory
Room of pain

Here on my own 

Gotta get up
Gotta run 
Gotta find

What it means
To be me again 

Giving up
Just not an option
Been beaten down
And walked on
While driven to 
A madness
You couldn't begin
To comprehend 
I pull myself
Back up
Learn to stand

And start
All over again
Back to the basics
Who am I

Who do I want to be
And go from there 
I have fallen
Far enough
Time to fight back
The world has gotten
The better of me before
But never again
This time

It will be different

I know that
Because I say it will
And it's about damn time
I had a fucking say
In my own life
So bring it on universe
Things will be better
Because I say so
It's my life

Not yours 

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