For The One Who Dared Us To Dream

Here's to the one

Who dared 
The world
To dream
Dared us all
To imagine
Something better
And actually tried

To help make
Better happen

From bed ins
To interviews 
In a fucking bag

To get 
The worlds 

And get the
Word out

It took 
To promote

The peace 
For the world

He was seeking
He would do it

And do so
With a passion
Never before seen
The rebel Beatle

Standing for
A cause

Bigger than

Even himself
The world
Sure could use
His help now

Our dear

Fallen one
The world today
Would make him sick
I know it does me 
The hatred
We live for
And in
Only pretending

To give a shit
We have become
Nothing short
Of a mess 

So tragic
We miss you John
We really do
And I hope
One day if we do
Get our acts together
We remember
To thank you
Because it wouldn't
Even be possible
If it had never
Been for you 

Rest in peace
Beautiful dreamer

May you be one

We always remember
Yes may your legend
Live on forever 

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