Watching You (Where Does It End)

I wake and observe you

Once again
Trying to 
Your thinking

Walking around

Like your something

To be worshipped
All the while 

Taking away the meaning
Of those around you
Like we are all just
Nothing in the world

That lies within

Your wicked mind
Acting like

You are so
Fucking mighty

And high
Like you 
Actually have
The right
To snuff out
Another's light
Best put you

Before it's too late 
And you are
Swallowed up
By your own game 

You already
Don't see us
Be honest
Do even see you
Are you really
Too blind to see
What you are doing

Or the fact
That devil
You claim to see in me

Lives instead
Behind the eyes

Of your own head
Are you really alive
Or too dead 
To even notice 

In your heart
Of hearts

Tell me

Is there even
Fucking left

Or have you taken away
From yourself too 
Tell me where
My friend
Does it
Fucking end 


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