Make Every Moment Count

I am not my past
That though my
It still may haunt
Is something
I can no longer touch
As its fades away
Into history
As scars and
Faded memories
I am not yet my future
For it is something
I cannot yet see
And only exists
In the form
And worry filled dreams 
As is it shaped
By what I do
In the here 
And now 
As a exist only

As moments 
In time

That doesn't even
Exist outside
Of the moments
We live in
But often don't 
Take the time
To cherish
Though we should
For when a moment

Is gone 
It can never 
Return again
So make 
Every moment count
And with them 
Build the future
You want

That you dream of
Not the one 
You were told 
You should


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