Quit Looking Down On And See The Truth

We are the ones

That you fear
You think
You know us

But your vision
And judgment
Are hazy
And unclear
You think
You have us

Figured out

But to the truth
You are
Nowhere near
For going by
Merely what 

You hear

When it comes
To us

Will get you


For there are more 
Lies yes fiction

Than truth 
To be found that way
By anyone 
By you 
And those
Who are like you
Who refuse 
To see past

The illusion
To get to
The truth 

Hidden in
Plain sight
Yet to which
You seem far
Too content
To remain blind

Peace seekers

The odd
And the weird
All misunderstood
By those 
Who just Plainly wish
Not to see
The purpose
And beauty 

Behind all
Of the above
And the fact
That like it 

Or not
They are and always 
Have been
The only ones in history
Who have ever lived
Lives that are free
Not here to 
Cause to trouble
Or hurt anyone
Just here to be heard
And seen for
Who they freely

Wish to be
And to make a differene
Anyway they can
Like it or not

That society
Is exactly 

The truth 
Of those 
You look down upon
All because 
You choose to 

Believe the lies
Those who wish
To control you
Feed you
Just remember that
Next time 

You find yourself

Looking down 
On us

For simply being us


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