Real And Proud To Be

I am not 
A conformist
Or someone
You would call normal
By societies
Bullshit standards
I am not
Your average women
No I am not

Like the others
Nor do I ever

Wish to be
I am me
And happy to be
I am me
And me is all
You will ever see
No lies

No pretending

No fakeness

Or bullshit
Just an insight
Like it or not
Into the truth

That is the real me
Not the me

Others tell me
To be
Because fuck
That person
The me I am told to be
By a society
Who doesn't even know me
To be honest
Yes in all honesty
I would rather be
A rebel and
An outcast
If it means
I get to be

The one who
Defines me
So if you can
Handle that
Then great
Nice to meet you
But if not
Then goodbye

Because I change

For no one

But me 

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