Hero Or Zero, You Never Know

Growing up
Be careful
How you treat others

The zero now

May become

The hero of


While the hero now

May very well
Become nothing
But the zero
Of tomorrow

Bottom line

Mother fuckers

And future
Bottom feeders

You just really

Truly do not know 
So what to do
Yes what to do
Gee I don't know

How about trying

This for once
Treating everyone

You do meet
With kindness
And going
From there 
If you
Are taught
That you
And others matter
You will grow up
To believe

And see it

If not
You will only

Grow up
To believe
Others do
But not
And never you

This happens
Far too often
I should know
Happened to me

Yes bitches I am
One of you

In the club
That has no name

But then again
Neither do you

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