The Illusion Of Freedom


The illusion
Of which
Is what we do
Take for granted
Exploit and

While each other
We do use

In our insane

Fight to take

Each others 
All in the name

Of the very freedom
We are trying to
Take away
The right to live
We argue 
In the name of race
And religion
The right to marry
In the name

Of distorted
Religious belief's
Hell even the right

To be heard
Lets face it

Depends on 
Who you are
The right race

Religious beliefs
Sexual orientation
Size of bank account

And gender
You will be 
Heard plenty
But if not

Don't waste
Your breath
The ones who need
To hear you
Never will
Because they don't care
And in their eyes
You and your rights
Just don't matter

This is what
Our country has become

Anyone as sickened
By it as I am
Yet we let it happen
Blindly going on
With the madness
That is happening
After being tricked

Into believing
It's all necesarry
By a society
Run by the 
One percent
Who prefers us

To be nothing 
But sheeple

Which we agree
To be

Far to easily

WHile still 

That our own
Still exist
Wake up society
Is but an
We have been
Spoon fed

In order to 
Control us
And sadly
It's working


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