Society: Used And Clueless


I am told

Who to be

What to buy
Who to be like

Buy this 
And love who you are
Buy this 
And be a star
Buy this 
And you will

Be just fine

Buy this and 
Finally be right
But somebody please

Just tell me

Exactly when
Am I supposed
To be the one

All that shit out

For myself

Or is that 
The fucking point

You poke

And you prod

And influence

While playing God
Telling people

Who they need
To be

In order 
To be happy
All while 
Making sure
In all your greed
We are making you
More and more money
Greed is the name

Of the game

And power
No one should have

Is the point of it

So surrounded by it

And controlled by it

Yet so unaware 
Of any of it

That's how they like it
And that is 
How we live
So willfully blind

It blows my mind

As my soul 
Keeps screaming why
As my heart keeps
While watching
Society so sadly
Destroy itself

So comepletely
And yet
I get up
This morning

And watch
Another day
Of this madness
So flawlessly
We are being used
And that aint cool
Wake up sheeple
And about it
Do something
Before it's too late

And we no longer can


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