Get With It Society

Looking at
The world

Around me

Apalled by what
I see
Hatred, greed,

And ignorance
With violence getting

Worse day by day

On the news
This morning

Yet another

Gee how shocking
And society
It does seem
Is always fighting
About how
These problems

We should be fixing

Yet somehow
In all of the fighting

About how
We have forgotten
To put any of it
Into action
As further and further
Into oblivion

Society is still

Fucking slipping
While we all seem
Too pre occupied

With mundane things
To truly notice
Wake up folks

Yes get a clue
Things must change

And that change

Must start
In me and you
And all this shit
Our planet

Is going to
Just keep

Getting worse
Until change
Is finally something
We agree to do
So get with it

It truly is

Up to you
All of you 

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