A Life Well Lived (Just Enjoy It)


Rise above 
Stand up against
Find strength

And wisdom

From within
Fight for justice

When there just
Isn't any  

Be the moral compass

You just can't get
From anyone else
Create your
Own heaven
Fuck their hell
Spread knowledge
Forget their
None sense
A prisoner
Held by lies
You need be
No longer
Break the 
Mental shackles
Set yourself free
And be the change
The truth

And peace
In society

You have always
Wished to see
The power is
Within you

Don't waste it 
Free yourself

Take that freedom
Run with it

Spread the fuck
Out of it
To anyone
Who will listen
And never again
Let yourself
Lose it

This life is yours
Live it
And above anything else

Never forget

To simply
Just fucking 
Enjoy it
It's the only one
You got

Live it up
No what ifs
No regrets
Just a life

Well lived



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