Freedom Is Mine (Just Suck It)


The right to be
The me
I chose to be
So long ago
And bullied
Right out 
Of me

As if a scene
From a bad 
Fucking dream
A childhood
Of blank memories

And feelings
I can't make
Sense of 
All of which
Used to get
The best of
But no longer

I gather now
My strength

Say fuck it

And start again
Only finally

For once
As me

And not
Who I am told

Others want

Me to be 
I may have once
Mother fucker

Been your prisoner
But as of now
I mean right

Fucking now

I set myself free
And it feels
Pretty fucking


So suck it bitch

I define me
And I control me

Not you
Not anybody
Just me
And I cannot 
Even begin
To tell you

How fucking happy

That truly
Makes me 

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