Be Someone's Light

Be the light

In someones night
In all their wrongs
Be their right

Be the yes

In a sea of no
And for every 
Hold up
Be their go

Be the one person
In a world
They don't trust
Who to
They know
They can
Always go
When the world
Is so unkind

They just can't
Take any more
Be their rock
Their hand
To hold
And when they slip
Be the one

Who never
Lets them fall
Be the one

Who happily

Every phone call
No matter what
May be the time
Or what you have
Going on
And be the one
Who will proudly
Even when 
No one else will
Be there for them
No matter what
Because everybody
Needs and deserves
At least one 
Of this kind of friend
And you never know
When being 
That friend

To someone
Could be 
What saves them
So no excuses
Be the type of friend

You yourself seek
For you never know

When being just that
Will be exactly

What someone needs

To keep going




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