See The Truth, Free Yourself

See the dreams

Behind the eyes

Of the
So called enemy
See the truth

That makes them
Just like 
You and me
And allow yourself

To see this conflict

Dwell not 
So much 
On the who

But rather on
The why

And go from there

When it comes 
To trying to make

The wrong right
Teach the world

To shine
Your own light
Ignite the fire
That is their
Own fight
Become the ali
They never
Saw coming

And for a

Better tomorrow

Fight together
Instead of
Each other
For conflict
Is always

Better settled
On mutual ground

Than with two sides
Fighting to the death
For a cause

Both have

Lost sight of
For those in power
Who about them

Couldn't care less
And sees them
As nothing more
Than expendable
In a game
To suit

An agenda
That shouldn't
Even matter 
In the 
First place
Rise above

And gain
Some real power
By working together

For a a cause

That is truly worthy

Instead of against
Each other
For a cause
Based on lies
Beat those in power

At their own game
And them know
That from today
Never again
Will you play
Their fucked up game
Fueled by a greed

That is nothing less

Than insulting
Wake up
Open your eyes

Learn to truly see
What is really happening
Do the right thing
Refuse to be

A pawn 
In a game

No one should
Even be playing
And set your
Own self free




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