Imagine And Make It Happen

Imagine the world

You have always

Wished to see
A world 
In which 
Liars fall
And are looked
Down upon
Instead of followed

And put in power 
A world in which
Is a choice
Not something

Forced upon
Or killed over 
Where dreamers
And dreams
Rule the day
Of the 
Power hungry
And greed
And the world
Yes everybody
Knows what it is
To be free
A world in which
Color and sex

Makes no difference

Because we finally
We are all equal
And deserve respect
As the human beings
We all are
Imagine a world

Where millions
Going hungry
Is no more
Than a bad dream
Instead of
An ongoing

Hell of a reality
A world in which
The homeless
Are a thing

Of the past
And we care
More about each other

Than power
And money
For once
At last
Imagine it 
Fight for it

And never
Give up on it

For nothing
Is impossible

If you are willing

To fight with your
Whole heart
And soul to see it
And some things
Truly are
Worth giving
All you got

Yes giving

In the long run
Just to see
So go for it

Fight for that world
You dream of seeing

And stick to that dream

For you never know
When even the wildest
Of dreams
Can somehow

Become a beautiful
And wonderful




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