Truth Of A World So Screwed

The illusion

Of freedom
That we so
Live in
Is nothing short
Of sad and maddening
And perhaps
The worst part of it
Far as I can see
Is in all honesty
Most of us
Who do
Know better 
But refuse

To show it
Giving up

And giving in
We lay down
Our arms

And surrender

Our freedom
Beaten and broken 
Too tired to fight
Any longer
The insanity
As we sit back
And watch it happen
Wishing the world

Would just burn
And get it
Over with

This, my dear society

Is our reality
The truth of the world

In which we live
And I beg of you
Please tell me

I am not
The only one

Not yet
Too far gone
To want
And try to do

Anything about it 
Please tell me

You want to
Fix it too
And are willing
To prove it
Because the world
In which we live
Could use all
The help
It could get

Before it becomes

It's own
And most tragic victim 

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