Lost Soul

Looking at you 
Looking at me

Seeing the

Your truth

Yes the real you

While me

You look
Right through
Seeing nothing

But whatever it is
That you want to
Cold and blank
Are the eyes
In your head
An empty hole
Has become
Your soul
I feel the pain
And the nothing
Coming from
Within the lie
That has become you
Who ever you
Used to be
Were meant to be
There is nothing left
And you did it all
To yourself
Giving in
To those you knew

Were no good for you

Just for a chance
To belong

In the eyes

Of those
Who have
Swallowed you whole

Only to

Spit you
Back out
And laugh as
You crawl
Picking up
The pieces
That once was
Your world
Broken and alone
Pathetic and shallow
You may think me wrong
But remember son
You not me

Are the one
Stumbling down
The wrong path
While refusing 
To admit

Even to yourself

That you couldn't
Even if you tried
Be any more lost
In a world
Long forgotten

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