Disappearing Individuality

World falls down
Life crumbling
All around

While hatred

And greed
Get away with being

The culprits
I have found 
Chaos without

Sheep blindly

More and more

Away from any
And all individuality
And sanity
Leading them 
Straight to
And comformity
Meant to 
Make them
Easier to control
While lying away
More and more pain
They keep causing
That we are 
Bringing upon
By letting them
Get away with it

By living in denial
And falling for
The insane games
They are playing
We are living

In a dream
Inside of a nightmare
From which

We refuse to even
Try to wake

While obliviously
Asking why the world
Around us
Keeps breaking
And falling
Into a chaos
We may already be

Too late
To stop
Wake up people
Come on society
Believe it or not
We are actually

Beter than this

And it's about

Damn time we proved it
Wake up
And do so now
Before the hope
In this life
That is fading
Once and for all




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