Clearly Seen, Missunderstood, And Forever Driven

I may see clearly
The things
Most do not see
Conflict coming
Peace in which
Most do not believe

That seems always

To be coming
But destroyed
By idiots
Who feel 

For nothing 
But money
Yet some how
My down fall
As it seems

Even I struggle

When it comes
To seeing

What is
Right in front

Of me
Open to an 
Insane degree

To the suffering
That we all do see
But far too often
Don't even try to do
Anything about
I sit quietly
And I feel it all
Wishing that 
For once

I knew what
About it I could do 

I withdraw
And wait for

The dust to settle
Unsure if I 
Can talk this shit
Much longer
Then with an anger

A passion
And focus
Never before felt

I go to work
Because if
Nothing else

Something has
To give

And someone
Has to care
And if not you

Then why not me



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