Stolen Freedom, Stolen Back



The right to be
The me
I choose to be
So long ago
And bullied
Right out 
Of me

As if a scene
From a bad 
Fucking dream
A childhood
Of blank memories

And feelings
I can't make
Sense of 
That has left me
So hollow and empty

I can't remember

What it feels like

To truly be me
 I take a deep breath

And start again
Gather the courage

To against you

Make a stand
And take back
The freedom

And truth of me
You took from me
In the first place
And now 

As you run
After me


Saying I am
Or something

I laugh

At your stupidity
And make you 
As well as me

This promise
Yell and accuse
All you want

I will never 
For taking back
What from me
Was stolen by you
That was not yours

To ever take
In the bloody
First place
And it wil not

Be taken
So easily again
Not this time 


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