The Fall No Longer Meant For Me

Lost within
The shadows
Of my darkened mind
Hidden away
Behind my eyes
Locked away

For me to see

But you never
To find
For too blind
To the truth
In me

You are 
And always have been
For me to even care
For a second longer
Put me through hell
Knocked me and
My feelings around
Like a punching bag
Worn out to hell
But never to be

I wear you down

By rising to
Stand again
You scream 
For me to listen
While for me
To be heard
Now takes
But a whisper
Lost in your
Anger and hate
And not able to
Stand the pain
You feel from within

Your damn self
Trying to make

Feel better
By taking it all
Out on me
Trying to make

It be me
As the one who breaks

But it is just simply
Not that easy
Though you my friend
Are more than

Half way there 

For thanks to you
If there is
A hell for me
To go through

I have more or less

Been there and back
Because of you already
A little worse for wear

Yes I may be

But here proudly
I do stand firmly
On my own two feet
While you are mere
Seconds away
From the fall
You had meant
To be for me 


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