Chaos And Madness, Welcome To My Darkness

Chaos and madness
The words of today
You drag me down
Attempt to
Freak me out
But it is not
That easy

My friend
Hoping to bring

My sanity
And life
To end
You bring me to
Yet another
Dead end
But if you think
For even
A second
That I am

The one
Who is
Or should be scared
Think again
For I am not
The one who
Has seen

Nothing yet
Beating me down
Used to be
The nature of the game
You would insist 
On playing
Not even for a second
Bothering to see

The brilliance
And bravery
Always driving me
You think you're twisted
Honey please
I know your game
As for once
I just cannot wait

To finally really play
I know you can dish it

But honey can you take it
For your game
Will now 
And forever be
Played my way
Welcome to my darkness
An insanity

That happily pulls

The likes of you in
So your judgement

May begin
As you are now
Trapped in a nightmare

You dished to me

Dished right back
You are the one
For once
Not allowed 

To escape


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