Lost Yet Free, In The Shadows I Find Me

Lost in a world
Of shadows
And madness galore
I walk freely
The chaos
Scared no more
The madness
A way
Into my heart
It has found
Freeing my soul
Heart, and mind
Refusing to ever

Become blind again

I find the strength

To on my own
Finally stand 

While you crumble

Yes fall to pieces
For being the
Type of so
Called man
You are
Away from you
I proudly walk
Shaking my head
At how right
I was
You are jealous now
Of me happy
On my own
While proud to be me
I do stand
And you little man

Start trying 

To win me back

Though you know

That I know
All you want really

Is just simply
To not be left alone
And not into you
And your hell
For a second longer
As I shed the shackles
Smiling, knowing that
Hey score one 
For the good guys
While alone you wish
With me 
You could be
I will celebrate 
Being free
Being me
Being the beauty
you tried
To change in me
Yes tonight
I will be living it up
All for me


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