The Insanity We Fight For

We turn to a God
To measure
Our pain

While refusing
To believe

That for said pain
We only have
To blame
Asking forgiveness

To a being 
That may or
May not exist
While never 
Truly acknowledging

The people instead

Who really 
Need to hear it
Creating chaos
World wide

Only fighting
Over whose god
Is right
And for power
That in no one

Should ever exist 
Then wondering
In our stupidity
How it is

We got to
The current
State of things
People dying
On the streets
Children dying

World wide

Of malnutrition
And everyday
War torn
Their children
Washing up
On shore
Looking like

They are
Just peacefully
And yet
Our greed
Being power hungry
And relgious belief's
Rule the day
Whose  mistake
Are we
Ours, yes our own
Yours, mine, and ours
And yet we are
Still too clueless 

To understand
That this why
It seems
Every day
More and more

We fall
While in the name
Of the god
Of the day
Our own hell
On earth
We are creating 

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