Keep Digging For The Light


There is a brilliance

Within us

Most don't see

Locked away

Hidden so sadly

In the depths 

Of our souls

And darkest regions 

Of our minds

A brilliance

We are so 

Closed off to


It is something

Within ourselves

We are afraid

To face

A truth

So absolute

That once seen

Cannot be disputed

A light 

So bright

It's blinding

So peaceful

And full of power

It's enlightening

A truth that will

Shake and wake you

And rock you

With all 

It has to teach you

Filled with


And strength 

Meant to bring you hope

And enlightenment

Yes this is a truth

That truly does exist

Within you, me,

All of us

Yet its a truth

As I said

Most never see

For to see it

We must search deep

Within our souls

Face fear and pain

We would rather forget

Break down walls

Built to protect us

Face emotions

And memories

We have before

Let scar us

Yes through it all

We must keep digging

Until we find the light

Of the truth 

Of who we really are

Learn from it

And above all

Embrace it

All of it

Flaws and all

Accept the fact

No one is perfect

Not even you

And let the truth

Guide you 

In all you do 




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