Above The Pain I Now Rise

Lost within
The rain
I am
Drowning in
Waiting for
The sun
To come
And call my name 
Waisting away
In the pain
Of the day
I withdraw
From the world

Finding comfort
From within
As I wait
Again for

The storm
To pass 
Been through

All of this before
Though still never
Really knowing
What for
Wishing that
For once it would
Finally get easier

But it never does
I sleep
Ever so restless
Haunted by memories

That never
Make any sense
The dreams subside
As I wake
And open my eyes
It's morning now
And my mind
Begins to clear
As the sun
Finally begins
To appear
As the rain
Does disappear

I made it
I won 
I have beaten

The depression
Once again
And hopefully
For the last time
I am sick of it
I am stronger than it
As above it now 
Once and for all
I start to rise

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