Who Do You See In The Mirror

Who are you

Who am I
What do you see
When you look
Into my eyes
Who are they
Who are we
Can you tell me please
Who is it you see
When you look at me
Is it me
The real me
Or someone
You only 
Claim to know
While your
Trying to turn me
Into someone 
Below you
To push around
And control 
How about you
Who do you see
In that mirror
Looking back at you 
Do you see 
Your own truth
Or are you
Just as blind
And clueless
When it comes to you
Is that why you hate me
Is that why
You never see me
I mean the real me
Your jealous
I have the strength
To stand up
To others like you
And be the 
The person I choose
when you can't even
Accept yourself
Let alone stand up
To your own bullies 
Your so called friends
Who tell you
Who to be too

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