Welcome October


Hello October

my favorite 

Month of

The year

I can't believe

You are 

Finally here

A month of 

Tricks and 

Of treats

A month of



Falling leaves 
One of haunts
And screams
And a touch
Of mystery
A month
That literally
Screams me
Horror movies
And Halloween
Fill my tv
And decorations
Popping up
And all of that

Is just to begin

With here
Howloween tinsel
Above my computer
And while my room
May be a small one

Halloween things

Found themselves
A home within
Yes it seems

That for Hallowen
I am already waiting
And while I can't
Wait for it to get here
I do believe
Yes I do declare
I will be enjoying
Every last second
Of my favorite month
My dear and beautiful
Month of October


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