Of Compliance And Tragedy


A girl wakes one day

And turns on the tv

Says to her family

Almost without


Oh look 

Another shooting

As it has now
Become like
Second nature
To even mutter

Those horrible words

She snaps sarcastically
I wonder how long
This time

Before the
Next one 
As she shrugs it off
Sadly and angerly
But not at all
Surprised anymore
And heads out
The door
All day long

She hears people

Talking about it

Just as numbly
And used to it
As she is
Hears them argue
About the same
Damn thing
That everyone does

After this happens
Gun control
She laughs
At the the guy
Fighting for it
For the same reason
She laughs
At the guy
Against it
She laughs 

At the fact
That they are going at it

When they both know
That nothing
Not today
Not tomorrow
Will ever come of it
She walks into
Her house
After a long day
To an image
On the tv
Of the NRA
And the tea party
You will take

My guns
Over my dead body
Which she always found
Quite interesting

Because wanting
Background checks
The last time she checked

Wasn't the same
As taking away
Everyone's guns
But hey whatever
Doesn't matter
What she or 
Anyone else thinks
Because to those 
Nut cases
We will 
Once again
Give in
As we have
Always done before
She goes to bed
Saddened by the reality
She just cannot flee
We have become 
A country
To insanity
With no hope 
It seems
For society
She cries
Herself once again
To sleep
Dreading already
What may be

Next weeks
Tragedy of the week 

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