Defiant And Free

Not one for being told
What to do
Or who I should be
I fight back
And stand
My ground
I fight for me
And bold
I will cower
No more
Your threats 
And power
Do not scare me
For I would rather
Die as me

Than live
As somebody else
So you can shove it
With your bullshit conformity
Telling me who I should be

The me you wish to see
Who never was

And I swear
Will never be 

Because forever me
Is who is
Who I will be
As I live 
Forever free
And you can't stop me

No I won't let you

Because you see

The choice of who
Does live

Behind my eyes

Was never yours
And is always mine
And for once 

Until the end 
Of time
I will do
What for me
I know is right
I will be 
My own light
In the darkness

Around me
You have created
And in your madness

I am lost no more
As your victim
I will be no longer
Finding the will 
From within
To fight
Above you now
I stand and rise


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