Unique But Not The Only One

I may be 
An individual
And free
But I am not
As unique
As you may believe 
There are millions

If not billions
Of us
All over the world
Who think
The way 
We do
Who live 
With minds 
Wide open
And eyes
That never close
Who feed off
The magick
Of the world
That surrounds us
Feels and spreads
The peace 

We know is always 
There Waiting 
For the corrupt

To finally see
And seeing 
Art in the world
Here, there, 
And everywhere
For those of you
Who just don't get it
Feel or see it
It's not that 
We are wrong
For any of it
Just that you
Live too blindly
To ever see clearly
And I do feel sorry
For you
Because you
Really have no idea

What it is
You are truly


All the beautiful magick
That comes with
Setting yourself free
And thinking
For yourself
There is 
Nothing like it
And I hope one day

You experience it
But until then
When it comes to me

And others like me

Twisted and maybe
A bit dark
Those of us

Who embrace
Who we are
And all
And do so
With a passion

Stop telling us

We are wrong
For doing it

Because lets be honest
The only reason
That your're mad
In the first place
Is simply because
You don't have
The guts or the
Strength to ever do it
Your own damn self 



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