Rebel Against, Change What Is

If you want to 

Change what is

You must first

Rebel against

What is 
Stand up
And fight it
Take a stand

And wait for no one

To do you it
For you

Because if that
Is what you 
Are doing

I have knews for you

No one else is coming
No one is going to fight

For the change 

You wish seen
For you
Like it or not 
It's up to you
So get over it

And do something
About it 

If you don't like

What it is

You see

The true reality
Of society 
Then speak up
Stand up
And fight back
Show the world
The truth
Of it's own

Rebel like hell
And keep fighting
Until something
Gets done
And you can

Finally say
Change has
Then for better

Or worse
Stick with it

And keep going
For the rebellion
Is not a one time thing
But a life long commitment
Give up at any time

And it will have all
Been ultimately
Done for nothing 

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