Living In A Lie

Wasting our 
Precious time

Living in nothing

Short of a lie
Wearing a facade
Day in day out
To the point

Of knowing
Nothing of
Of who we 
Really are

To be living
When in

Reality we are 
Barely even existing
Lost within an echo
Of a life we don't
Even know anymore
In a world
That is becoming

So unrecognizable
It's maddening
So lost deep
Within our own
Lies and facades
We have convinced
Ourselves nothing
Is wrong
As the world crumbles

And society breaks
More and more
Each day
All around us
Our greed and our hate
Are controlling
The hell out of us

And killing us
And the saddest part is
We don't even
Fucking see it
Therefor we do nothing
About it
We have all
Become both
The victim
And the culprit
And honestly
It makes me sick 

That we have all
Become too blind to see it
And too numb

To give a damn
About it
As everything second
Of everyday
We fall farther
And farther
And run our society
Deeper and deeper

Into the ground
Don't like hearing
About all of this?
Well tough
Deal with it

And learn from it

Because it's all true
Every last bit of it
We are all victims
Of our own bullshit

And I for one
Am sick and tired

Of it 

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