Looked at
But never

Truly seen
Listened to
But never
Really heard
Never a word
And spoken
By me

Has ever been
By you
At all
You try to
Change me

Without even

In the least
Knowing me
Telling me who to be
Without explaining

Why I should
While you keep
Pushing me around
As if someone

Actually said you could
Always up to no good
As the blame
You slyly
Put on me
Thinking one day
You will finally
Break me
As if you think

Doing so
Would ever be
That easy
But you see

As I said

You don't know me
I may fall
I may crumble
But break easy
See thats just
Not me
Because if there is

One thing
You should
Know about me
I am no weakling
I am stronger than you
And not only
Do I know it too
But I have no problem
Proving it to you
So go ahead
Keep pushing
Believe me
You will break yourself
Before you will ever

Break me 

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