Who Decides Normal?

Who are you 

To tell anybody

Who to be

Who the hell

Are you 

To tell me

I'm wrong 

Just for being me

Where do you 

Get off

Telling someone

They don't have

Certain rights

Just because 

You don't approve

Of their choices

Or looking

Down at them
Just because
Their different 
Who made you
The one who
Gets to decide
What is normal
And what isn't
Who told you
Normal was even real
In the first place
There is no 
Such thing
As normal
It isn't real
And neither 
Is your right
To treat others
Like they are
Below you
Just because 
They are different
So do the world
A favor
Get off 
Your high horse
And start
Treating people better
The world doesn't need
Any more haters 

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