Free Yourself From Life's Lies

Truth can be alarming

While controversy

Can be deceiving 

Look past

The controversy

And see the truth

Those in charge

Are desperately 


Open your eyes
See just beyond
The so called truth
You have been fed
To see the truth
Placed just
Out of view
Replaced with lies
Just believable
To maybe
Be true
With no truth
Behind them
What so ever
Read between
The lines
See past lies
Right in front of you
To see the truth
Also right
In front you
Let no one
Around you
Blind you
With lies
They tell you
Open your
Own eyes
Set your own
Self free
And make up
Your own mind
About what is real
Trust me there are
No words to describe
How you will feel
When you finally
Decide to do so 
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