Dear World That Likes To Throw Me Away

To a world
That threw
Me away
For years
Day after day
I have 

Something to say
I am not sorry
For not being

The person
You wanted me
To be
I am not sorry
For rebelling
Instead of 
To conformity
I am not sorry
For speaking up
When told to 
Shut up
Or for standing up
When you really

Wish I wouldn't
I am not sorry
For being hard headed
When I need to be
For looking out for me

Because no one else would
For doing what I
Know should
Instead of 

What you wish
I would
I am not sorry
For being unique
For being me
Instead of what
You want me to be

I'm sorry 

All of those things
Made you want
To throw me away

But I am not one

To return the favor
No not today
Because despite
I still see in you
My dear society
At least some potential
Therefor believe
You do deserve
To be saved
And all I ask
Is that you 
Not make me
Regret feeling

That way

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