Wake Up Call From The Shadows


I sit alone

Out of view
Just out of focus
In a world
That about me
Has had a history
Of not caring 
Even a little bit
And yet 
Here I sit
Still in the shadows
Observing in silence
A world into
I no longer 
Wish to fit
They don't see me

And thats fine
Just means
The advantage
Is mine

Because from where
I am sitting

I see all
Even what
They wish 
Not to be seen
Secrets heard
Or figured out
Learning things
They wish
I didn't 
Know about
I fade once more
Into the shadows
With collected data
One day
I intend 
To let out
As I scream and shout
This is not payback
No infact
It's far from it
This is a wake up call
One you have all
Had coming

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