God And Satan Are In Us


God and Satan
Are not real in the sense
That they are actual beings

But they do exist
In every one of us
They are metaphors
For the good
And the bad
In the human spirit
The truth
That lies within
Our very souls 
God is the
Love, kindness,
Tolerance, and acceptance
All the good feelings
And thoughts
While Satan
Is the hate, anger,
Greed, violence,
The horrible
Thoughts and
Self justifications
The lies we tell

Ourselves and others
Just so we can
Sleep at night
God is the action
We take
To make
Things better
While Satan
Is what keeps us
From caring enough
To take the actions
We know are needed
And heaven 
Is what we create
For ourselves
Through good deeds
Love, and kindness
While hell is also
Something we create
For ourselves
Through hatred, greed,
And violence
Can't you see
The God and the Devil
We are all fighting over
Lives within us
And heaven and hell
Are not where we are going
After we die
Its what we are creating 
For ourselves
Here in this world
While we are still living
Through every word, action,
And non action
We really can
Choose to create
Heaven on earth
So tell me society
Why is it then
That we keep
Choosing to
Create hell instead 

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