The Game With No Rules


Treating life
Like it's all
Just one big game
Tell me then won't you
Whose turn is it now

Whose turn is it

To lose

Who dies today
To benefit
Your role
In the game
With no rules
Walking around
Like you actually
Believe you
Have the right
To make that choice

Thinking its up to you
To choose
But tell me now
Exactly how
Will you feel
When someone else
Chooses you
How will you
Feel then
Do you really think
You are the only one
Playing the game
Their way
The game with no rules
As you target
The masses
And pick and choose
Whose fall
Whose death will
Amuse you
What's stopping
Them from targeting you
Now that day
Has come
Didn't see it
Coming did you
Now you run
And confused
Having no idea

What to do 
The faces 
And names 
Of your own victims
Flood and haunt
Your head
As you hit 
A dead end
Your time has now come
The deed is done
The game today
Has been won
By someone else
And you become
Yet another victim
Just another
Of the game
With no rules 


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