How Do You Really See

Look in my eyes

Stare right through

To my very soul

Now tell me

Who do see

Do you see me

Or only the person

You want to

Now take a look

In the mirror

And tell me

Who do you see

Do you see you

The real you

Or the you

Others want 

You to 

The you 

You were told 

To see

Look in your heart

Your mind

Your soul

What do you believe

What is your truth

Is it the truth

You are 

Supposed to see

Or the truth 

You were made 

To believe in

And told to see 
How about when you
See others
Do you see them
Do you see their truth

Or do you see

What you have been
Told to
If all you see
Is what you
Are told to see
And are saddened
By the fact that
All you see
Is the bad
Then its your fault
If you want to see

The good
Think for yourself
Open your eyes
And see the truth
Right in front of you
Not what you are told to
But the real truth
Others try to keep
From you
I promise
You will be surprised

At all the good

You start to see

Once you do 

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