Where Does It End

Tv shows 

Video games

Movie stars
Being sold
For an image

And a brand
Not for who
Or how talented
They are 
Sexy clothes

Sold to younger

And younger girls
Into thinking

They need that shit
To be popular
While the media

Drills it
Into the heads

Of children
That being
Is nothing

You should popular
By any means
Buy these clothes

And you'll go far
Refuse and you'll be

Left behind
With no one

Knowing who

You are
A shadow
Of a person
You could have been
If you had just
Given in

And been
Who you were told
Those sexy clothes
Being sold to little girls

Are now causing
Babies to have babies
Tell me society
Where does it end
Because I don't know

How much more of this

We can take 


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