One Thing Can Be Another (In The Eyes Of Others)

Genius is insanity

To the clueless 
And clueless
Is madness
To the genius 
They just don't
Each other
For they just
Don't see
What each other sees
As one sees 
In the eyes 

Of the other
Far too much

The other seems
To never quite

See nearly enough

Fear in place

Of trust
Is enough to fuck
Anyone up
And indifference
In life
Is more like
Soul suicide
To the passionate
While order and control
That may help

And control freaks
It is like being
A prisoner
In a way
To a mind

That can't think
Let alone thrive
Or survive
That way

Is the enemy
Of the love
We all need 
And stubborness
Impedes progress
As does stupidity

And cockiness
Bottom line

We in society

Are not the same

We do not
And will not ever
See everything
The same way

And that is ok

But only as long
As we do not
Settle for being
Narrow minded
On purpose
And don't judge
Others just

For being

You know
As well as I do

We all do
Know better
Than that
And truly need

To start
Acting like it 


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