I Am

I am peace 
I am chaos
I am the zen
That does reside
Somewhere in
I am the realist
Often too stuck
On what is
To see
What could be
I am the seer
Who sees it
I am the believer
Who refuses
To believe
There can never

Be anything better
I am the fighter
Who hates 
To fight
The free spirit

Who yearns
For freedom 
But is always 
Getting stuck
Somewhere I
Just don't belong
I am the dreamer
Living within
The dream 
Inside a dream

Trying to make sense

Of the madness
I see
I am the truth
Behind the
So called truth
Behind the lies
Before our eyes
I am the rebel
Who wishes
To be heard
And to be seen
By a society
Of sheep
Which I do not

Wish to ever be
I am a prisoner

Of a destructive world
Yet I am still free
And bottom line

Above all 
I am the only thing
I truly can be
I am me


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