A World Of False Gods And Prophets

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Your god is dead

Whether he existed

In the first place

Is irrelevant

Because you've

Killed him

And have 

Replaced him

With false idols

And prophets

In the form 

Of politicians

Spewing bullshit

For profit 
Selling us
Shit we don't need
Tricking us
Into conformity
Selling us fear
Here, there,
And everywhere
Convincing us

We'll all be fine
As long we follow
Those we are told to
Unaware they are
Who our souls
Have already
By the powers

That be
Been sold to 

All of this

Taking place

Right under
Our noses
But we never see

A fucking thing
For we are all
Too blinded
By all of our
False idols
Us with
Fools gold and
False promises
While the greedy
Sit back and laugh

At how easy
It was to kill god
Create fake ones 

And make it so
We were too blind

To ever fucking
Figure it out 

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