Marilyn Manson

Manson and Twiggy

Marilyn Manson

Think what 

You will

About him

But you can't 

Deny his talent

And the fact

He knows 


How to get

Your attention

Music meant

To wake you up

Make you think

That never fails 

To make me happy

No stranger

To controversy

He encourages

His fans to 

Be themselves

Simply by just

Being himself 

And not caring

What others think

The critics 

And haters

May not get him

And see him

As evil 

Which I assure you

He is not

But we get it

And we see 

The true brilliance

Within him

So go ahead and say

What you will about him
Go ahead and say it

Just don't expect us
To listen
No matter
What you say
We are still
Gonna love him

Because where
You see evil
We see pure
Fucking genius
That is fearless
Freeing and
A true individual
Not afraid
To be different
Push things
To the limit 
Then just 

Keep going
Even if
The haters
Refuse to see it
Loves animals
Is good with kids
And kind to his fans
Yet far too many
Never see it
Or believe it
And I feel 
Bad for them
I really do
For they really 
Don't know
The level 
Of amazingness
They are missing
When it comes to
Our true rock hero
Marilyn Manson


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