A Poem For Misha Collins

This is a poem
For Misha Collins
A man who plays
My favorite angel
On Supernatural
Who is a living angel
In real life
Doing more good
Than you good possibly dream of

In his time off
Through a charity
I am proudly
Supportive of
A charity called
Random acts
That encourages
Random acts
Of kindness
World wide
A charity
Started by
A man
Who was recently
Mugged right
Across the state
Border from me
And I for one
Find it sickening
Fuck those
Who were coward
Enough to do
So wrong and pathetic
But bless you Misha
For how you
Have reacted to it
And blessed be to you

Your family and all
That you do
From this day forward
For you have my support
One hundred percent
No question
About it
Blessed be to you Misha
A hero of mine for sure

And for always 

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