The Insanity Of The Day

The insanity
Of the day
What else
Can I say

Innocent lives
Taken on air
By yet another
Mad man
With a gun
Tell me please

Can you someone

When of this
Fucking shit

We have had enough

To the point of
Actually doing
About it
More gun control
We have been
Talking about it
For pretty much
My whole life

And very little
Has been done
About it
No one
Is trying to say
Take away
All guns
I hate guns
And even I
Wouldn't say that
But you cannot

Deny what we have
Right now
On the books
Is just not working
Something has
To be done

And soon
Or before long
I will be saying this
Once again
After another
That should
Teach us something
Please society
Stop this shit
From happening again
While we can!! 

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