Why Do We Allow The Insanity To Continue

The insanity
Of society
That is lacking
In humanity
Is mans one

True tragedy
And it's killing me
Mad men
Defining madness
The happy
Defining sadness
And belittling
Those who
To what it really is
The so called sane
They know
Nothing about
And telling us

To just get over it
Or they don't
Want to hear it

Because all they hear
Are excuses
The souless
What the meaning

Of life is
When they
Have no more
Of a clue
Than the rest of us
Anyone else sick of it
And ready to
Stand up

And do something

About it
Because I am
Come on man
We all know
Something has
To be done
About this madness
We need to stop
Putting off action
We are scared to take
And take that leap
Of faith
Take a stand
And fight
Because then
And only then
Will we have
Any hope of seeing
A better day 
And believe me friends
That better day
Has been a
Long time coming
So fuck the fear
Get up
And do something
It really is
Our only hope 

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